Our Charges

TreatmentMember’s feesPrivate fees
Routine examinationIncluded (2 visits per year) £30.00
New patient examination including 2 x-raysIncluded£49.00
Small x-raysIncluded£10.00
Panoramic x-rayIncluded£35.00
Hygienist visitIncluded (2 visits per year) £49.00
Periodontal treatment (for treatment of gum
disease,to help prevent loss of teeth)
Fillings£42.50 - £102.00£50.00 - £120.00
Smile ConsultationNo ChargeNo Charge
TreatmentMember’s feesPrivate fees
Standard Crown (tooth coloured) £295.00Not available
Posterior (back tooth) bonded porcelain
crown/bridge per unit
From £386.50£455.00
Anterior (front tooth) aesthetic crownFrom £505.75From £595.00
Crown recement£42.50£50.00
Gold crown£505.75£595.00
TreatmentMember’s feesPrivate fees
Surgical and wisdom tooth extractions£127.50£150.00
TreatmentMember’s feesPrivate fees
Canine and Pre-molars£233.75£275.00
Re-root canal incisors£212.50£250.00
Re-root canal canine and pre-molars£297.50£350.00
Re-root canal molars£382.50£450.00

We use high impact acrylic which allows for a stronger and thinner denture.

TreatmentMember’s feesPrivate fees
Single full or partial dentures£680.00£800.00
TreatmentMember’s feesPrivate fees
Tooth whitening home kit£299.00£299.00
TreatmentMember’s feesPrivate fees
Single implant with crown£2,146.25£2,525.00
TreatmentMember’s feesPrivate fees
RA (happy gas)£65.00(per half hour session)£65.00(per half hour session)
TreatmentMember’s feesPrivate fees
Botulinum Toxin A (BOTOX ®)From £195From £195
Dermal FillersFrom £195From £195
TreatmentMember’s feesPrivate fees
Invisalign(Includes retainers)£1500 to £3800£1500 to £3800
Please note that there is a waiting list for patients seeking NHS care at our practice. For further information about our NHS services, please click this link

Emergency Dental Care £20.60

Band 1 Charge £21.60 Includes examination, diagnosis, treatment planning and preventative care and advice.

Band 2 Charge £59.10 Includes what is covered in the Band 1 charge and additional treatments such as extractions of teeth and fillings.

Band 3 Charge £256.50 Includes what is covered in Bands 1 and 2 and more complex care, such as crown and denture work.