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New Year News

We've won an AWARD!!

Curaprox, a company that focuses on oral health prevention, which we are sure a number of patients are already familiar with, have recognised us as a practice  that leads the way in preventative dentistry!

We were very pleasantly taken and excited about the award, which is only handed out to a select few practices in the UK, who they feel truly try to engage with their patients in the prevention first and treatment, only if absolutely necessary, ethos.

Though we are extremely delighted for this award, we are even more appreciative to all of our patients who have taken on board what we have advised over the years, and helped themselves out of unnecessary dentistry and a healthier mouth!

So in conclusion it is WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!

In-Mouth Scanner

We are always seeking to enhance our patient experience, and provide greater comfort to you all, so in 2017 we are introducing our in-mouth scanner (CAD SCAN)! From feedback over the years, one of the biggest issues we have heard from patients having crowns, bridges and Invisalign orthodontics with us, is the daunting and uncomfortable issues with having impressions taken in the mouth. This scanner usage however will only be available for private treatments.

The gagging sensation and discomfort whilst taking and removing the material from the mouth, will finally be eliminated with the use of our scanner, which will merely take an image of the teeth being worked on, eliminating this unpleasant experience entirely. It will also vastly improve the accuracy of our complex treatments, thereby helping with the long term success rates of the treatment  we provide you. The scanner also has the unique ability to show patients how they would look in the future, if they were considering Invisalign braces. If you'd like to book in for this free assessment, please ask Denise or Amanda at the desk!

We are very much looking forward to this massive leap in patient comfort and experience this coming year!


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We've won an AWARD!! Curaprox, a company that focuses on oral hea ... [read more]

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